#1539959 - What′s the name of this porn star?
What's the name of this pornstar?
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by scoobydoo 1 year, 9 months
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one on right is Lydia Schone and rest are only first names in this title: notice its all pictorial names not only 3 on cover: second from bottom pic: http://usedmagazines.com/titles/Club/1996/ and here is more: http://porncoven.com/threads/38257-Pl-yb0y-s-Voluptuous-Vixens?s=00e1495d9e4d5f7d8d32183714ac7310
by brine 1 year, 9 months ago
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From left to right Austin, Nikki, Lydia Schone. This set has been published several times by suze.net, see http://www.suze.net/millennium/model/Nikki/Nikki.php https://www.indexxx.com/models/83372/nikki-7/# . But I suppose the production date was far before 2006, because at least Austin and Lydia Schone seem to have retired from the business much earlier. http://www.iafd.com/person.rme/perfid=austin_96/gender=f/austin.htm http://www.iafd.com/person.rme/perfid=lydiaschone/gender=f/lydia-schone.htm
by stripe 1 year, 9 months ago
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Ok, the earlier production date is obvious, considering the publication in Club in December 1996.
by stripe 1 year, 9 months ago
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